Phone Sessions offer advanced energetic protocols and sound through vocal tones.  The quality of the tones will vary depending on technical devices, but their effectiveness is just as potent. The body does not receive hands-on support, but it will still feel the shift - and the energy work can sometimes be more clear and efficient without the distraction of the physical form. 

45 min - 2 hours / $150-$350 - A typical phone session is scheduled for an hour at $200 with flexibility to adjust time/fee if necessary. 

* Try it risk free! First-time distant clients receive the first 10-15 minutes FREE to see if its a good fit, and then we can proceed with a regular session if you wish.

for recurring clients only

SHORT CONSULTATION (phone, text or email) - 10-40 min / $35-125  Because sometimes you just need a quick check-in.

EMERGENCY CHAMBER - 3 days / $35.  An emergency chamber provides energetic support in times of extreme stress or challenge. Chambers are active for 3 days, gently dissolving while you sleep on the 3rd night. There are a limited number available per week, so please contact Natalie and only pay once you have receive confirmation of activation.