in-person sessions

In-Person sessions combine advanced energy protocols with specific bodywork and sound techniques uniquely tailored to your specific intentions and needs. 

When booking, please let Natalie know what type of session you desire and if you have a financial cap you’d like us to honor. If for some reason we don’t use the full amount of time we will adjust fee accordingly. (Please note that session time includes our entire time together, including intake before and integration after the energy work.) 

REGULAR SESSION (90 min- 2 hr) $250-325
The most common type of session for recurring clients. A complete energy & sound healing session, addressing multiple layers and issues. 

ENERGETIC INTENSIVE (2-3 hr) $325-425
Recommended for new clients. The most in-depth and transformative energy & sound healing session. Includes energetic coaching and tools for living a more energetically connected and empowered life.

ENERGETIC TUNE UP (60- 75 min) - $175-225
Only available for recurring clients who come at least 1-2x/month. General clearing and balancing, with focus on 1-2 specific intentions.

(For those who don’t require hands-on support, I highly recommend phone sessions for a “tune up.” Phone sessions offer very concise energetic clarity and focus so we can go deep and address more issues in a shorter period of time)

couples sessions

90 min - 2.5 hours+ / $325-450+   A joint in-person session, with focus on clearing and updating the energy of a relationship. Plan on longer if it is your first time, and Natalie needs to have spent at least 30 minutes in a private session with each of you prior to your couples session. (Only available in Pasadena)

los angeles office locations

In-person Sessions are available in Los Angeles at the following locations:

Fenya Healing - 2511 Honolulu Ave, Montrose 91020 (Mondays 12-8 pm, Sundays by appointment)

Cote d'Azur - 41 W Bellevue, Pasadena 91105  (Tuesdays 2-8 pm)  

ZenDen - 122 S Lincoln Blvd #203, Venice 90291 (Weekends, by appointment)

Golden Valley Acupuncture - 17525 Ventura Blvd. #108, Encino 91316 (Saturdays, 3-8 pm, by appointment)