when I was a little girl, my grandpa called me "Nada" ...

In 1995, I had a spontaneous mystical experience during a retreat with my first massage class. It literally knocked me down. Sitting under a tree, every cell in my body vibrating, the sky turned white, and pure rays of light poured down. There was a consciousness that I could communicate with, without words, that I can only describe as pure love. Pure unconditional love. It was literal. It was tangible. It was Real. And I knew without a doubt that there is more to this world, there is more to this life, and WE are more than we think we are.

That moment sent me on journey of discovery that continues to this day, and if I've learned anything, it's that all our ups and down are truly FOR US. They are our tools of self-discovery and growth. And if we really go deep, and are willing to be open to the possibilities - radically open to everything as it is, willing to be with it and go through it to the other side - there is infinite potential to shift and grow into our greatest life, love, freedom.  It is an ongoing journey -  still full of ups and downs - but every moment is worth it.... and in the end, it's all just energy.


The Sanskrit word "nāda" is derived form the root "nad" which means "to flow."

Everything at its core is pure energy, vibrating at a particular frequency. WE are pure energy, and the clarity and alignment of our energy fields directly correlates to our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Each energy and sound session is a unique and powerful journey, using your body and energetic fields as a roadmap, guided by your current intention and needs. Whether in-person or by phone, privately or in a group, I approach every session the same... It is You that has the answers. The power is within your own Being, your thoughts, your intentions, your desires. And You are Limitless. I simply connect, holding a safe and unconditional space, and offer tools of transformation to help you step more fully into your greatest potential.

Purenāda is about being open and authentic, and willing to reach for the highest vibrational expression of our true nature.  it is about expanding our vision of ourselves and taking responsibility for all aspects of our being. In a session, for me personally, it is about being as clear as possible, to step into a place without ego and allow the purity of the energy and sound to flow through.  It is my greatest blessing to share this work with you... and I thank you for sharing your journeys with me.


Natalie Kalustian, M.A. has over 20 years experience in the Healing Arts and holds a Master of Arts in Healing Science. She is a Certified Advanced Energy Healer, with expertise in Etheric Surgery and Sound Healing. She is a California Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Peak Frequency" Nutrition and Herb Consultant in the Raphaology method of Indigenous Medicine, and Transformational Coach.