Welcome! Please explore the information on this site (more coming soon!) and then contact Natalie with any questions, to request a short phone consult, and/or to book your first appointment.  

Prior to your first session, please fill out and submit your online Client Release Form - includes specifics about my qualifications to practice and philosophy about the work.

new client specials

$385 -  2 HOUR IN-PERSON INTENSIVE + 45 MINUTE PHONE SESSION  Highly recommended for new clients. Offers a complete and multi-layered experience of both types of sessions. Allows for the deepest transformation ($500 value)

$285 -  90 MIN FULL IN-PERSON SESSION + 20 MIN PHONE SESSION  Offers a full in-person session and a small sample of a phone session  - enough to feel a shift and get a sense of how it works.


experience a distant session - risk-free!

New distant clients receive the first 15 minutes of your first phone session for FREE to see if it is a good fit, then we can continue with a regular session if you wish.