It is difficult for me to describe what I do -- as a teenage client once said, "It sounded weird when I heard about it,  and it sounds weird when I describe it to other people, but during the session it felt so natural!" -- and so I offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to my wonderful clients for sharing your experience and stories...

"It is like a seed planted. It grows over time...

... I always get ripples and echoes days later, sometimes it takes a few days for it to really kick in, after it's been brewing down there. I think that is a very good sign. My feeling is that my body has to accept and adapt to the new paradigm, new information, new way of being." - Russ

"In working with Natalie over the last 3 years, I can see I have created new healthy patterns to navigate a life's journey with beauty and grace.  Natalie holds the space for me to change my patterns and lights the way." - Bridget

"I feel so SO amazing... overflowing with excitement and gratitude for this journey. I'm energetically refreshed! Thank you... it was a fun session!!" - Amanda

"You've helped me save myself again and again." - Shannon

"Each session with Natalie is different than the last, brings new information and clarity, and offers new ways in which I learn to be more open and expansive." - Susan

distant sessions (by phone)

"I recently experienced a phone session with Natalie and it was tremendous. As she sat in her space, I sat in my backyard, many miles between us.  I felt a difference the minute we began the session. In the comfort of my own space, I felt open and free to be vulnerable. My emotions flowed freely. I had experienced beautiful sessions in person with Natalie before, and the distant session was especially powerful. I felt a shift I hadn't felt before. It still resonates with me."  - Kathleen

"I went to Natalie to help me clear emotional baggage, some was mine and some was not mine. It had been with me for a very long time.  Natalie worked very deeply with her intuition guiding her, it was a very safe and beautiful experience. It really is so simple. The toning and teachings combined have helped me very much in my day to day life. I feel much clearer and now have the tools to keep myself clear."  - Jennifer

"My phone session with Natalie was just as powerful for me as our in-person sessions. The result was truly transformative and the shift has been quite permanent--I'm not looking back, nor slipping back to old patterns.  I am amazed at all that we accomplished, and it's so nice to know that help is available without ever having to leave the house!"  - Susan

"An incredible amount of debilitating pain has been lifted from my body...

... I am integrating more of my true Self...I can really feel this happening. Sound is one of the greatest healers ever...the process intuitively just felt right!" - Tracy

in person sessions

"Natalie intuitively guides you toward your own light--your own true essence--and in the process, allows  your body and soul to innately and deeply shift into their higher potential.  Working with Natalie is such a unique and powerful experience--she is unconditional, compassionate, full of true wisdom and grace, and wholeheartedly committed to each person's journey.  As we work together, the process deepens. I've never felt so held, and accepted, and seen.  I know now that there are answers to every question, and if we listen closely enough, and open wide enough, they will come." - Beth

"I went to Natalie because I was exhausted, anxious, and in pain.  After the first session with her I felt deeply relaxed.  I was rejuvenated by sleeping much more soundly than before, and the pain and discomfort I was experiencing diminished substantially.  Now, after only a few more sessions, I am still experiencing the benefits of Natalie's unique talents." - Kaki

"Natalie's work is deep, intuitive and effective. She holds her clients with profound care, insight and intention. I have worked with her over two years and always look forward to our sessions. I know I will emerge with greater ease, joy and clarity. I highly recommend working with Natalie." - Heidi

"The sense of lightness and purpose that has returned to me post our session is immense and amazing!" - Gina

"In my half-hour sessions I have experienced profound release and healing, both physically and emotionally. Natalie is a gifted healer and bodyworker, and creates a safe haven for expansion and growth. Her toning is deeply intuitive and personal. It is also quite beautiful." - Bonnie

distant chamber

"I've had several cancer related surgeries. The two lung surgeries left me with a 50% reduction in my lung volume, causing my breathing to be faster than normal. I had no pause between my in and out breathes. Within a few months of seeing Natalie, my breathing changed and I now have a nice pause between my in and out breaths!!! A few months later I experienced a return of my rapid breathing. I alerted Natalie via email and asked for her suggestions. I felt a little silly after sending the email, as my breathing returned to normal about 10 minutes after I hit the "send' button. I didn't want to worry Natalie so I went back to the computer to send her an update and there was an email from her. After she read my email (within 5 minutes) she said that she place me in a "distant chamber" She said I would remain in the chamber for 3 days and to let her know how things were. Well, the relief was immediate! My symptoms were gone within 5 minutes and have not returned... 

... My 'in person' sessions with Natalie have been amazing, and her 'distant chambers' are equally as effective."   - Connie

space clearing

"I always feel a clear sense of purpose, understanding, and connection after seeing Natalie. I asked her to come to my new office space to clear out the old and set new intentions. I’d only been there a week or so. During her process, she noticed an area of stuck energy in one of the rooms near a second unmarked and unused door to the hallway, and not even a minute after clearing it, a knock on that door occurred. A remarkable and uncanny indicator that her work had been done. I definitely felt like I noticed a lightness in that corner afterwards as well. She also gave me some tips for guiding the energy within the space as well as a short meditation to connect with my work there, which helps me to begin my day with calm focus and a feeling that my purpose is being fulfilled. It’s soothing to know that we’ve done work to make my creative workspace as nurturing of an environment as possible!" -Kristen

group sessions

"I woke up with more genuine joy, hope and motivation than I've had in quite a while, and can still feel a very tangible vibration of support and love." - Group Participant

"I wanted to let you know how profoundly amazing I felt last night...  During the beginning part if the meditation, I could feel light flowing through/out of my palms. Very powerful. And I felt deeply connected to the group and the light we all share. Thank you!" - Group Participant

"Had a GREAT night. Woke up with energy and Joy. Feeling much more like ME again. It is wonderful !!!!!!" - Rose